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When settling for a form of food to ingest, you need to consider a variety of factors that may lead to your ability to consume it. Some food forms are challenging for your body to ingest and break down the food that is taken in based on the form in which it is ingested. For instance, solid foods require better grinding in the chewing process to make the boluses created easier to break down when they reach the stomach. Therefore, if you have challenges in chewing for instance due to dental issues, taking solid foods may be challenging. On the same breath, when you decide on the form that you will ingest your probiotics in, you need to evaluate your ability to break down the food substance first and thereby aid the body in the absorption and the digestion process.

Liquid probiotics

Probiotics can be found in many different forms ranging from capsules, powders to liquefied ones such as juice, tea or yogurt. There are forms that are move available than others with the most common ones being capsules. Considered convenient, capsules are mainly shelved in the consumer stores and can be either refrigerated or not.

liquid probiotics infants toddlers adults
Liquid probiotics

Liquid probiotics too are shelved in the consumer stores and can be refrigerated. However, there are varying reasons dependent on the manufacturer notes that can lead to the refrigeration of some and not for others. When the choice is to take liquid probiotics instead of capsules, one notable challenge that you would encounter in convenience. This is mainly because; liquid probiotics will require more careful handling. For instance, based on containerization standards, you will need to ensure that the cap is fastened sufficiently to avoid spillage.

Further, unlike the capsules, which you would take a prescribed number, for the liquid probiotics, you will need to look at the volume of what you are consuming. This requires the use of either a teaspoon or tablespoon where applicable.

Similarly, some containers come with a calibrated cap which can have the volumes of measure indicated to aid in the estimation of amount ingested. This is more involving as compared to the use of capsules. While the nutritional angle is the same, the capsules require water to be taken along with them to aid in swallowing. This is recommended. Liquid probiotics, being themselves in a liquid form do not need any water in their intake hence they also have an added advantage.

Chewable probiotics are another form in which probiotics are availed in for the consumption of the beneficial bacteria. Primarily, they are mainly associated with children. The tablets to be chewed contain a variety of different organisms in a convenient, chewable format for those people who are not so fond of swallowing pills.

If you have children who do not like taking a drink from the teaspoons, then the chewable form would serve as a viable option. However, when some children chew, they do not necessarily swallow. Therefore, this requires some form of follow-up to ensure that the children derive the benefit of taking them. This is unlike the liquid ones which as long as you avail it to the child and they swallow, no follow-up will be needed.

Probiotics can also be availed in a powdered form. The powdered form are consumed mainly by availing them alongside another form of drink, which would absorb them. This makes them challenging to use since you may only use them when you are having a separate drink. Unlike the liquid form, their measure may be by a spatula or a teaspoon but further require being prepared in a way that they blend with the drink accompanying them.

When you settle on the liquid form of probiotics, most likely you will find these in the refrigerated section of your health food store in the form of yoghurt, drinks and juices. That is because these probiotics are unstable in warm temperatures. Some people claim that liquid probiotics are the freshest and most potent form. Undeniably, they are an easy format, especially for people who are not able to swallow pills. This makes them better for the young ones with no teeth to crunch them. Some liquid probiotics have proved as indeed a valuable means of getting probiotics. Kefir water, for example, is often considered as healthy means of getting naturally occurring probiotics.

Generally, supplements in liquid form are much more readily broken down, and completely and quickly absorbed in the body. The Physician’s Desk Reference states that 85 percent to 90 percent of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 seconds to 30 seconds as compared to the other forms of probiotics.

Best Liquid probiotics for kids

Children’s health is important and needs keen consideration on the choice made for probiotic source. There are products in the market, which are commercially available and satisfy the need for liquid probiotics being administered to the kids. For instance, Garden of life Raw Probiotics for Kids avails a liquid option, which is commercially available. Similarly, other sources such as culturelle Kids probiotics, ultimate flora kids probiotics among others would give a variety of choice for the liquid form that you may be interested in.

Liquid probiotics for infants & Toddlers

Infants too as well as toddlers are in their early development stages. They are not in a position to benefit from the solid foods probiotics sources that would be available in other formats such as chewable ones or capsules. Their digestive system is still developing. As such, settling on the right source is a challenge. Mostly, the liquid form meets their need and can be equally availed in the commercial market from various packages such as baby probiotic by health essentials. Drops are also in liquid form and equally serve the need. For instance, radiance pro baby drop among others.

Best Liquid probiotics for adults

Adults too may opt to use the liquid form of probiotics to meet their need for good bacteria. While there is a wide variety to select from, the foods that one enjoy would have an impact in the choice. For instance, you may prefer to take cultured yoghurt as compared to milk kefir due to factors such as ease of preparation, more liking for one as compared to another, among others. However, other commercially available products such as Humarian research Labs Proboinix would avail a liquid form of the probiotics supplements which would equally serve the need.

Best liquid probiotics-Choosing

Settling down on the most appropriate liquid probiotic source requires you to first identify who the beneficiary will be. For instance, when seeking a solution for a child, there is need to consider the child’s age or group so as to take a form that is both age suitable and in line with the child’s stage of development. For instance, a toddler may not be able to consume chewable probiotics.

Secondly, the ease of administering the one chosen, which is dependent on whoever is administering. Consider a scenario where you are frequently on travel, you should establish whether your chosen liquid form first requires refrigeration or not. As such, other operational issues such as how to practically administer would come in handy in getting the right solution. The manufacturer also has an input in the choice. Generally, consider one who lists out all the ingredients, clear administration guidelines and packaging that does not make it too brittle to use.

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