Yakult Side Effects

Yakult is one of the probiotic products that you can find in your local stores. It is a sweetened probiotic milk beverage that is typically fermented with bacteria strain Lactobacillus casei Shirota.

Since it has over 5.6 billion LcS in each bottle, this drink has one of the highest concentrations of probiotics in the market. However, did you know that Yakult drink normally has some side effects? Here are some of the side effects of this drink:

1. Unhealthy High sugar levels

If you have been buying probiotic drinks in the past, you will note that most of them usually have more sugar content. Most of them actually contain 11.4 g of sugar per 65 ml. Yakult drink is not any different. This drink usually has 10.2 grams of sucrose.


This is like taking 2.5 teaspoons of pure sugar at once. If you choose to be taking this drink in the morning, this is the amount of sugar that you will be adding to your body. Such a drink is likely to have more sugar than Coca-Cola. Therefore, this can lead to other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and so on.

2. It contains dextrose

One of the man ingredients that is used to make this drink is dextrose. This is basically a simple sugar and is usually derived from tapioca. Since it is a form of carbohydrate, it might not be perfect for those people who have diabetes as it might make their blood sugar levels to rise.

3. Skim milk powder

The other unhealthy ingredient present in this Yakult drink is milk powder. This powder is detrimental to your health because the nutritious fat has already been removed. This usually happens due to heat treatment the milk is subjected to turn into powder form.

Your body needs nutritious fat for you to remain healthy. Its removal turns this food into an inflammation health bomb.

4. It is ultra-heat treated

Most dairy products usually get ultra-heat treated so that they can last longer once they are packed for sale. The main purpose of doing this is to get rid of the bacteria and enzymes that might make the milk go bad over time. While this might seem to be a good idea, this process destroys typically essential milk proteins and can even lead to autoimmune issues.

5. Homogenization Process may not be good

Once the fermentation process is complete, this drink normally undergoes a process known as homogenization. Although this process is essential for this drink, it is worth noting that it still goes a long way in destroying milk molecules.

Most companies usually prefer using this procedure to ensure that the product has a consistent texture. Here, they typically blend the milk and cream from the cow’s milk to produce a standard consistent product.

This process often interferes with the organizational integrity of the milk. Precisely, it usually affects the integrity of fat globules, thereby rendering them smaller and more uniform. As a result, the raw milk’s colloidal ultrastructure s altered.

6. It is usually flavored

Apart from having some artificial sugars, this drink is usually flavored. This makes it have a good taste. However, flavors are not very important as they might contain chemicals that might harm the body. This is usually the case if the flavors are not natural.

Although a particular flavor might please you, it might end up harming your body or even making you have some health complications in the long run. Therefore, it is essential that you know the kind of flavor present in this drink before you buy it out there.

7. Plastic Packaging may be harmful

Did you know that this drink is normally packed in plastic bottles? Although his might seem to be a good idea, it can have harmful effects to the body. It is worth noting that plastics have shown to leech into food products and can damage our endocrine system.

Also, they can harm our hormones and even the reproductive system. In some cases, it can cause both neurological damage and even cancer. Therefore, you should be careful when taking this drink, especially if you are taking it from a plastic bottle.

8. It can make you bloat

Some people have complained about bloating after taking this drink. If you experience this, you are not alone. Most probiotics usually make people suffer from the gastrointestinal issues. This is usually due to the Herxheimer reaction in the stomach.

Here, your gut usually works overtime to get used to the influx of the new bacteria present in the drink. This makes you bloat.

9. It contains artificial sweeteners

This drink normally has an artificial sweetener. One of the sweeteners present in this drink is the sweetener 995, which is also known as sucralose. Sweeteners can make the drink have a good taste but can make you get cancer and other illnesses in the long run. Therefore, you should try to avoid them where possible.

What are the benefits of Yakult milk?

Although this drink has some side effects, it usually has some benefits that make it more incredible. These include:

1. It can help prevent and treat diarrhea

Probiotics are known for their ability to prevent diarrhea and other complications that come with it. Mostly, when you take antibiotics, you are likely to suffer from this problem.This is because antibiotics usually affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.

Therefore, to mitigate this problem, this drink can help reduce the severity of this problem. When traveling, you can take this drink, and you will not suffer from diarrhea.

2. It promotes the absorption of food

Sometimes, the glut floras are not always up to the mark. In this case, all the nutrients and vitamins present in your food are not fully absorbed. Therefore, you should consider taking Yakult as it can help in digesting the food completely. This is because it normally helps to promote the intestinal movement.

Once the gut performance is improved, the food taken will be absorbed fully. Also, this goes a long way in supporting the intestine’s peristalsis and eventually facilitates digestion. As a result, your overall body health will improve.

3. Helps to maintain the right balance

There are instances when the ration of harmful bacterial s higher than good bacteria in the intestines. If this happens, you are likely to get sick. This is the other reason why you should consider taking the Yakult drink. It can help maintain the right balance of good and bad bacteria.

4. Prevents constipation

Have you ever had constipation in the past? Chances are, you are not alone. Most people usually suffer from this problem as a result of taking unhealthy diets. In most cases, if your diet does not have enough fiber, you are likely to be a victim of this circumstance. Most processed foods usually contain little or no fiber. Therefore, such foods will not facilitate bowl movement. However, Yakult is different as it usually helps in gut mobility and thereby helps to prevent constipation.

5. It is ideal for gluten intolerant people

There are people who normally have Celiac disease or what is commonly referred to as gluten intolerance. Such individuals normally suffer from several digestive disorders whenever they eat any food that has a lot of gluten content.

Since Yakult is gluten-free, you can trust that you will not suffer from this problem. Here, such people can readily take this drink regularly as it can help solve problems such as diarrhea and other digestive issues.

6. It helps to eliminate bacteria that can make you get ill

Since this drink contains Lactobacillus casei Shirota, it is capable of getting rid of 4 main disease-causing bacteria. These bacteria include; E.Coli, Salmonella enteritis, Shigella dysentery and many more.

The moment you take this drink, the bacteria present in it starts working on your gut. If there are some harmful bacteria in the gut, they will be eliminated within the first 5 minutes. Also, the bacteria present in this drink prevent further growth of other bacteria in the gut. This makes this drink ideal for those people who suffer from a low immune system as it can improve the good bacteria count while destroying harmful bacteria.

7. Helps to reduce stress

Finally, this drink has proved to be very effective in reducing stress. Students can therefore take it when going to do their exams. A study that was done on students who were going to do their examinations showed that they were less stressed after taking this drink.

If you are going to buy this drink, you should be keen to note that it may come with some side effects. This will enable you to make a well-informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

For instance, if you already have issues such as high blood sugar, you should avoid this drink. since it might make your blood sugars levels rise and lead to other health problems

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